find and tar xz

find . -type f -name "*.blend" | tar -cJf blenderBlends.tar.xz -T -

From man tar

c        - create
J        - use xz compression (j =, z = gzip.gz)
f        - use file as output
T        - get names to extract or create from FILE
Unless specified otherwise, the FILE must contain a list of 
names separated by ASCII LF (i.e. one name per  line).
-        pipe
# Order of switches seems to be important, f must be last.

From man find

 -type f - regular file
 -name   - matches shell pattern

Another option is switch -a which will make tar to select compression based on suffix

find . -type f -name "*.blend" | tar -caf blenderBlends.tar.xz -T -

# .gz < is interesting due to speed 
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