Bash, shuffle parameters

# looptest
# shuffle parameters

# usage
# looptest 1 2 3 # could return 3 1 2

a=("$@") t=(); 

while [[ ${#a[@]} -gt 0 ]]; do 

    i=$((RANDOM % ${#a[@]})); 
    unset 'a[i]'; 
    a=("${a[@]}"); done; 
    set -- "${t[@]}"; 
    echo "$@"

Don’t really understand this at this point in time. (All copyleft to freenode/#bash/konsolebox)

If nothing else, this is great Yoda talk generator

 input:  Twenty-five years and my life is still Trying to get that great big hill of hope For a destination
 output: life hill big great to destination of For Trying years still a that my and is get hope Twenty-five
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