draw audio waveform

# get some audio
flite -voice slt -t "stretchbang" -o stretchbang.wav
# and convert to pretty picture
ffmpeg -i "stretchbang.wav" -lavfi showwavespic=s=4000x2000:colors=000000 waveform.png 
# then downscale to around 25%

# or with log scale
ffmpeg -i "stretchbang.wav" -lavfi showwavespic=scale=log:s=4000x2000:colors=000000 waveformLog.png



If it’s not a mono file

ffmpeg -i "stretchbang.wav" -filter_complex \
"aformat=channel_layouts=mono,showwavespic=s=4000x2000:colors=#ad9557" waveform.png
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