mpv, youtube playlist with loudnorm filter

Deconstruct the url removing video entrie, just leave the playlist, like:

mpv --af=lavfi=[loudnorm] "$vid"
# or position top-right at max 50% width or may 50% height
mpv --af=lavfi=[loudnorm] --geometry=100%:0% --autofit=50%x50% "$vid"


F3 script-message osc-playlist 5

in ~/.config/mpv/input.conf will show playlist for 5 seconds on F3 (mpv 0.26).

p.s. With shift+drag it is also possible to populate playlist. In youtube case that does work video by video, but NOT playlist by playlist, actually if you drag playlist directly without removing the v= part it will only play that specific video. Now with that F3^ in place and in video by video option, osd will show urls and not names for some reason (it does work as expected with playlist = shows names). Still, shift+drag is the bomb.

a script?


# youtubeMpvList

# usage
# youtubeMpvList "youtubeurl" # < yes, you will need quotes.


list=$(echo "$url" | \
sed -E 's@https?://(www\.)?\?).*list=([-_a-zA-Z0-9]*).*@\3@')

if [ -z ${list+x} ]; then # if list is empty just ee the url


else # list is not empty, lets construct the new youtube url



echo "$new"

mpv --af=lavfi=[loudnorm] --geometry=100%:0% --autofit=50%x50% "$new"

summary with ffmpeg

 ffmpeg -i audio.m4a -af loudnorm=print_format=summary -f null -
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