blender remote rendering with gpu(s)

import bpy

bpy.context.user_preferences.addons['cycles'].preferences.compute_device_type = 'CUDA'

cli (use that, render test.blend, -o next to blend file, render just frame 1)

./blender -P -b test.blend -o //file -f 1

This should use all gpus.

Known unknows


-F switch seems to only support one format, one can’t do EXR and PNG.

To override this behaviour one could set ‘File Output’ node(s) in compositor, press n to select which format would that be. One for exr and one for png and then the rendering command could be

./blender -P -b test.blend -o /tmp/deletemenow -f 43 && rm /tmp/deletemenow*

Old cpu vs modern nvidia gpu (3x GTX 1060 3GB)

GPUs are around 26 times faster than CPU :)

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