Textual TUI for python


Textual is a TUI (Text User Interface) framework for Python inspired by modern web development.



Nice looking (font rendering) text editor, very small/fast, with not enough features for me.

Evil Mecha

Piglet, hand and textures from blendkit. Rendered with eevee @4k.

MPV copy current time as 25fps timecode

As seen here, but assumes that input is 25fps and that we want HH:MM:SS:FRAMES timecode format.

require 'mp'

local function set_clipboard(text)
    mp.commandv("run", "powershell", "set-clipboard", text);

local function copyTime()
    local time_pos = mp.get_property_number("time-pos")
    local time_in_seconds = time_pos
    local time_seg = time_pos % 60
    time_pos = time_pos - time_seg
    local time_hours = math.floor(time_pos / 3600)
    time_pos = time_pos - (time_hours * 3600)
    local time_minutes = time_pos/60
    time_seg,time_ms=string.format("%.03f", time_seg):match"([^.]*).(.*)"
    -- by me time in 25 frames
    time_ff = time_ms * 25 / 1000
    -- time = string.format("%02d:%02d:%02d.%s", time_hours, time_minutes, time_seg, time_ms)
    time = string.format("%02d:%02d:%02d:%02d", time_hours, time_minutes, time_seg, time_ff)
    mp.osd_message(string.format("Copied to Clipboard: %s", time))

mp.add_key_binding("Ctrl+f", "copyTime", copyTime)

Install: Copy to mpv/scripts/copyTime25TimeCode.lua

Blender set curve geometry parameters for all selected objects

import bpy
for obj in bpy.context.selected_objects:
    if obj.type == 'CURVE':
        obj.data.offset = 0
        obj.data.extrude = 0.033
        obj.data.bevel_depth = 0.002
        obj.data.bevel_resolution = 3
        obj.data.dimensions = '2D'




Unlike some SSGs, Zola makes no assumptions regarding the structure of your site.

Keycaps 4k

As seen here, only I did it with particles and some rigid body simulations (A 2 step process). Rendered with Radeon-pro render engine. Keyboard under CC-BY made by ‘BlenderDumbass’, taken from here.

Another render/post
(Denoiser did kick in this time, fixed by enabling cpu as renderer as well)

Keyboard are bumpy spheroids, mkay, deny that if you can.

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