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Coolvetica font


2nd batch


basic animation?

There is an a.flam3

# make 20 variations to file b20
env template=a.flam3 repeat=20 flam3-genome > b20.flam3
# expand, animate those 20 to 100 frames?
env sequence=b20.flam3 nframes=100 flam3-genome > anim.flam3
# render
flam3-animate < anim.flam3

A test

WSL1 use/mount network share

$ sudo mkdir /mnt/share
$ sudo mount -t drvfs '\\server\share' /mnt/share

superuser source.

FX - Interactive json and cli tool
There is standalone binary. Related tools, also jq (should be in repos) and gron.

Example, getting latest xkcd comics url

curl -s | fx .img | xsel --clipboard

HN debate.

Shaders - Minecraft

2022-01-06_20.20.50_shaders.png-5KscY92K1RWDHGH-th 2022-01-06_20.50.15_shaders.png-3bnmQma4PvJy6ZN-th

Serv this dir via ftp with rclone

As seen in this thread.

rclone -v serve ftp --addr --user ftp --pass ftp .
# -v is for verbose
# port 2121 is so the root is not needed for binding
# . is for this dir

Rclone is a go app

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