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Bucentaur is half-man and half-ox and half-dormouse.
Bucentaur is a name that has first two letters the same as Buster.
Bucentaur is a next generation of Stretchbang, without stretch and bang.


Install Debian 10


Install base system, skip creating root user and sudo should be the automagic default.

Only install standard system utilities.

Boot into cli, install/configure git, sed, vim

sudo apt install git apt-transport-https sed vim
git config --global core.editor "vim" # optional

Get bucentaur git and apply configs

cd && mkdir source && cd source
git clone https://github.com/brontosaurusrex/bucentaur
cd bucentaur
git config credential.helper store # optional

./overwriteConfigs  # copy user stuff, themes, fonts, icons ...
./fixPaths          # in .wbar and .Xresources
./makeUserDirs      # mkdir documents downloads images ...
./bin/pipeMisc      # generates first-run ~/bin/misc.xml user submenu

sources.list with some https power

sudo cp -b etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt
sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade


cd source/bucentaur
sudo cp -b etc/network/interfaces /etc/network


Install packages

# automatic
cd ~/source/bucentaur/packs
sudo ./installLess # or sudo ./installAll

# remove nm-applet xdg autostart
# will be started from openbox autostart
sudo rm /etc/xdg/autostart/nm-applet.desktop

# reboot
systemctl reboot

Should now boot into lightdm / openbox.

Virtual box guest additions.

Generate wallpaper

noise +++ -p

Note: This assumes that you are loged into openbox already, more pluses will generate brighter wallpaper.

Install Chrome

cd downloads

wget \

sudo apt install -y ./google*.deb
sudo apt -f install # fix deps
rm ./google*.deb

And ‘ublock origin’ extension. Configure the look.

To make bman script to open man pages in chrome

xdg-settings set default-web-browser google-chrome.desktop
bman vim # to test

Note: To start with http proxy

google-chrome --proxy-server=host:port


Basic ~/.zshrc is provided

sudo apt install zsh
chsh -s $(which zsh) # to make zsh default

Note: fzf should work in both bash and zsh interactive shell (ctrl+R, ctrl+T).


printVolCont in tint2

~/bin/printVolCont is something that can be used to control ALSA master volume, with some cooperation from tint2. Alternative would be volumeicon-alsa or pnmixer.

Mice scroll

Everything, including browser should be scrollable by holding down right-mouse button. This interesting feature did require patching window resizing to alt+middle-mouse-button, windows moving is still alt+left-mouse-button.

Hosts file


Basic hotkeys


Aliases and ~/bin scripts



sudo vi /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
# under [Seat:*] enable

Troubles and fixes and tests

o: = open  
c: = closed  
n: = won't fix  
u: = nothing to fix
  • c: nm-applet will sometimes not autostart when in /etc/xdg/autostart, workaround: move it to openbox autostart (fixed).
  • c: bcterm calc is always decorated differently, replaced with galculator (fixed).
  • c: Horrible virtualbox6 experience. (increasing video ram and changing adapter type fixed it)
  • c: Cursor is dark in virtualbox, should be snowy. (fixed with ‘sudo lxapperance’ and seting the cursor theme there as well…).
  • u: Tearing test https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tearing+test
  • c: Various geany look related fixes
  • c: Thunar’s ‘open terminal here’ fails. (added exo-utils and libexo* to base.list)
  • u: Tint2 systray looks different when compton is running (more transparent)
  • c: Thunar custom actions (search: use catfish )
  • c: Thunar icon sizes for sidebar
  • o: Main Thunar icons (back, forward, up, home) are stupidly big


Luv icons are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike International 4.0 License

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