Severely out of date

This guide is now severely out of date, handle with care.

Install Debian 9

Official iso or with non-free firmware

md5sum *.iso # or
md5sum -c MD5SUMS
# firmware-9.1.0-amd64-netinst.iso: OK

Install base system, skip creating root user and sudo should be the automagic default. When asked for additional stuff only select standard system utilities and SSH server if you so wish.

Boot into cli, install/configure git, sed, vim

sudo apt install git apt-transport-https sed vim
git config --global core.editor "vim" # optional

get stretchbang git and apply configs

cd && mkdir source && cd source
git clone
cd stretchbang
git config credential.helper store # optional
# git checkout 01   # optionally checkout version tagged as 01
./overwriteConfigs  # copy user stuff, themes, fonts, icons ...
./fixPaths          # in .wbar and .Xresources
./makeUserDirs      # mkdir documents downloads images ...

sources.list with some https power

sudo cp -b etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt
sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade


cd source/stretchbang
sudo cp -b etc/network/interfaces /etc/network

Install packages

# automatic
cd ~/source/stretchbang/packs
sudo ./installLess # or sudo ./installAll

# or manual
cd ~/source/stretchbang/packs
sudo apt install -y $(cat base.list)
sudo apt install -y --no-install-recommends \
$(cat baseNoInstallRec.list)
# libreoffice, gimp, inkscape:
sudo apt install -y $(cat extra.list)

# reboot
systemctl reboot

Should now boot into lightdm / openbox.

Virtual box guest additions.

Themes, icons, fonts

Arc-Darker for ‘Widget’, Arc-Dark_ob_border_kv for ‘Window Border’ in lxappearance. ‘Papirus GTK b’ for icons. Cuprum is the main font.

Darker version would be Adapta-Nokto for gtk and openbox, ‘Breeze Dark Papirus GTK b full’ for icons, .Xresources.adaptaColors, ‘browser’ script for firefox (patched to wbar and ob menu).

edit: Another nice icon set is luv. With inheritance in index.theme set to


or some other Papirus variant.

To make a quick dark version see here.


sudo apt install --no-install-recommends wbar wbar-config
sudo rm /etc/xdg/autostart/wbar.desktop # start wbar in ob autostart
  • wbar does not autohide and will not take place on desktop < fix it with some openbox margins (bottom in this case)
  • wbar does not behave very friendly in multi-monitor enviroments.
  • wbar config is local floating point character dependent

The easiest way to reload wbar is right-clicking it.

Compile new version of tint2

This is optional, either run ~/source/stretchbang/compileTint2 or

Install dependencies

cd ~/source
git clone
cd tint2
# checkout if you want specific version, see page
mkdir build && cd build
# sudo apt install cmake
cmake ..
# make a soft link in ~/bin,
# at next login the new tint2 will be started
ln -s ~/source/tint2/build/tint2 ~/bin/tint2

Expected behaviour

printVolCont in tint2

~/bin/printVolCont is something that can be used to control ALSA master volume, alternative would be volumeicon-alsa or pnmixer.

Install firefox addons

# Run the script

Click the blue install buttons (as needed) and restart the browser.

To enable smooth scrolling and scrolling with middle-mice-hold button go to about:preferences#advanced and enable stuff under Browsing (autoscrolling, smooth scrolling, hardware accelearation, spelling) as needed.

Edit: Note that with Quantum alsa is no longer supported, also check some design tweaks here:

hosts file

cd /etc || exit
# copy/backup original
sudo cp hosts hosts.bak # or sudo cp hosts{,.bak}
cp hosts ~/tmp/orig
cd ~/tmp || exit
# get the bad-sites host blocking file
wget -O zero
# cat them together
cat zero orig > hosts
sudo cp -b hosts /etc



openbox menu and pipe script

Static menu with a dynamic twist (powered by pipeMisc and pipeSysInfo).


update: pipeMisc is now a generator that outputs ~/bin/misc.xml file, which is constructed from ~/bin/misc template and in openbox menu read via your average cat (still as pipemenu). Reason: speed.

Basic hotkeys


SUPER (W in rc.xml) +
space   openbox menu
w       browser (script)
f       thunar
t       urxvt
e       geany
v       alsamixer
m       toggle mute
x       xkill
Tab     openbox combined menu

space   gmrun


y,x     left/right half
c       center window x
v       full width, quite some height
m       move to next monitor
f2      openbox client menu

f11     fullscreen
f12     toggle compton # ~/bin/toggleCompton
s       toggle show desktop

c       center window y

left    send to desktop leqft
right   send to desktop right

Run *hotkeys* or *shortcuts* in terminal for more.

Aliases and ~/bin scripts

fsize 18       # set urxvt font size
weather        # weather
today          # small weather
pipeSysInfo    # extremly basic sysinfo
bronto         # asci brontographics
findosaurus -h # find files using find (beta)
duh            # ncdu's lil brother - disk space usage
lst            # ls by date
up             # apt update/upgrade
search         # apt-cache search
bman           # man in firefox


sudo vi /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
# under [Seat:*] enable


locale -a # list available
sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales # add some

Making gsimplecal to start week with your locale.

set keyboard layout

setxkbmap us
setxkbmap de

read keyboard layout

setxkbmap -query # or
setxkbmap -query | grep layout # or
setxkbmap -query | grep layout | tr -d 'layout:' | tr -d ' '

Bleeding edge

libreoffice (from backports)

sudo apt install -t stretch-backports libreoffice libreoffice-gtk3
# xy = language code you want (might be in xy-zw format)
sudo apt install -t stretch-backports libreoffice-l10n-xy myspell-xy
# optional icon theme
sudo apt install -t stretch-backports libreoffice-style-breeze

Languagetool extension also exists (untested).

tilix (from backports)

sudo apt install -t stretch-backports tilix
cd .config/tilix
# to use stretchbang config
dconf load /com/gexperts/Tilix/ < tilix.dconf
# or run the provided script.

gimp 2.10.x





sudo apt install libncurses5-dev devscripts equivs
cd ~/source
git clone && cd mpv-build
# rm any old mpv-build(TAB)
sudo dpkg -i mpv-build-deps(TAB).deb
sudo apt-get install -f
# ./use-mpv-release
./rebuild -j4
ln -s ~/source/mpv-build/mpv/build/mpv ~/bin/mpv

adapta (theme)

sudo apt install autoconf automake libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev libsass0 libxml2-utils pkg-config sassc parallel
cd ~/source
git clone
cd adapta(TAB)
./ --enable-parallel --disable-gnome
sudo make install

Left aligned window titles in openbox

# example:
cd /usr/share/themes/Adapta-Nokto/openbox-3
sudo sh -c 'echo "window.label.text.justify: left" >> themerc'

Keeping firefox-esr bright. Also check .Xresources.adaptaColors.


firefox \
# unpack to ~/source (unp mandelTAB) and read the README
# For stretch it should look like:
sudo apt install build-essential libqt5gui5 qt5-default libpng16-16 libpng-dev qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools libgomp1 libgsl-dev qtmultimedia5-dev libsndfile1-dev libqt5multimedia5-plugins liblzo2-2 liblzo2-dev
# cd to where you unpacked
cd makefiles
make all
# will take a while
cd ..
# delete old settings
rm -rf ~/mandelbulber ~/.mandelbulber # careful

To have a gtk2-like-look consistent with the rest of the system

sudo apt install qt5-style-plugins libqt5svg5

Into ~/.xsessionrc add

for qt5 apps


cd ~/tmp && wget -O atom.deb
sudo dpkg -i atom.deb && rm atom.deb



Get one from or try the script


which should download/unpack new one to ~/apps/blender. Script should also work for updates, since it will move/backup old version automagically.

Blender configs might be in

# ^ Nuke that if you wish to start fresh.


./getSift # sift to ~/bin

Grep on steroids. Also check ack (should be installed).


wow, so value.


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