It's complicated (self test)

I have an LG “smart” washer/dryer; the range of washing/drying options and possible combinations is impressive but often confusing, and the manual does nothing to clarify matters. What’s the difference between “Eco” drying and “Normal eco” drying? Why can I set “Eco” drying in combination with a wash cycle, but not “Normal eco”, which can only be set on a standalone dry cycle? What does an “Intensive” wash actually do differently from a “Normal” wash? None of this stuff is in the manual.


Not knowing the difference between iMessage and SMS, or what iMessage is except “blue bubbles”

Personally never heard about iMesagge (asumming that something osxish). I guess it gets complicated when SMS is money and the other stuff isn’t.

Not knowing why having an Android user in a group text makes it worse than an iMessage group with iPhone users

What? Is that the same sort of knowhow that makes you send excel crap in attachements?

Thinking Hulu and Roku were the same thing

I thought they are brothers.

“Why can’t Siri play Spotify?”

Cos she doesn’t know who Roku is? Or she is just that complicated and offended.

So I guess it is complicated, or I’am less of a f….. consumer.

Is it a gui problem? This one is pretty clear I guess:

I’d like a unit with some mega and gigacycles please.


I can understand a button-knob, but I cannot fathom why anyone would want their climate controls in a touchscreen.

p.s. This one

is complicated as well:

  • Why is red attached to on?
  • Why is on down (isn’t it usually the other way?)
  • Will this start Siri or Roku?