noice is a small curses-based file browser.

man ./noice.1


 k, [Up] or C-p                   Move to previous entry.
 j, [Down] or C-n                 Move to next entry.
 [Pgup] or C-u                    Scroll up half a page.
 [Pgdown] or C-d                  Scroll down half a page.
 [Home], ^ or C-a                 Move to the first entry.
 [End], $ or C-e                  Move to the last entry.
 l, [Right], [Return] or C-m      Open file or enter directory.
 h, C-h, [Left] or [Backspace]    Back up one directory level.
 / or &                           Change filter.
 c                                Change into the given directory.
 ~                                Change to the HOME directory.
 .                                Toggle hide .dot files.
 t                                Toggle sort by time modified.
 C-l                              Force a redraw.
 !                                Spawn a shell in current directory.
 z                                Run the system top utility.
 e                                Open selected entry with vi.
 p                                Open selected entry with less.
 q                                Quit.