bpgenc bpgdec bpgview


Required for bpgview

sudo apt-get install -y libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl1.2-dev




cp bpgenc bpgdec bpgview ~/bin

or softlink or make install.

A simple one by one conversion script could look like


# png to bpg

# main 
while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do

    basename=$(basename "${1}")     # basename                      file.avi
    ext="${basename##*.}"           # ext
    base="${basename%.*}"           # basename without extension    file
    dir=$(dirname "${1}")           # dir only
    # echo
    echo "$basename"
    # action
    bpgenc -lossless "$1" -o "$dir/$base".bpg



Original png

png = 659 M

Default lossy mode (with alpha), like: bpgenc *.png

bpg = 32 M

^ Blocky, blurry, useless

Lossles bpg, like bpgenc: -lossless *.png

lossless bpg = 643 M (oops)

^ Not much better than png

Another lossy mode with 444 chroma, like: bpgenc -f 444 *.png

444 bpg = 42 M

^ Blocky, blurry, useless

like: bpgenc -f 444 -q 12 *.png (slow)

444 -q 12 bpg = 221 M

^ Looks kinda good, but at this size still useless

There is no crf like mode as it seems, shame.


Container for HEVC and stuff, should be able to pack any I-frame encoded image into it?

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