ctrl+r fuzzy find through history

May look like this

   9986  noise                       
   9987  noise deep                  
   9988  noise night                 
   9989  noise royal                 
   9990  noise night                 
   9994  cp ~/bin/noise .            
  10020  noise                       
  10021  noise deep                  
  10022  noise night                 
  10030  noise night -t              
  10032  noise night -t >&2 /dev/null
  10040  noise night -t              
  10041  noise -t night              
  10042  noise night -t              
  10046  noise -t                    
> 10068  noise -t                    
  1500/10000 +S                      
> noi█


ctrl+t fuzzy find through current dir

Example for selecting multiple files

toX264 (ctrl+t)
# type search term
(tab) to toggle selected
(enter) to return to cli

Select where to cd (or ssh and more)

cd **(tab)

Preview in split window

fzf --preview 'head -100 {}'

Unless otherwise specified, fzf starts in “extended-search mode” where you can type in multiple search terms delimited by spaces. e.g. ^music .mp3$ sbtrkt !fire

Token Match type Description
sbtrkt fuzzy-match Items that match sbtrkt
'wild exact-match (quoted) Items that include wild
^music prefix-exact-match Items that start with music
.mp3$ suffix-exact-match Items that end with .mp3
!fire inverse-exact-match Items that do not include fire
!^music inverse-prefix-exact-match Items that do not start with music
!.mp3$ inverse-suffix-exact-match Items that do not end with .mp3