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Many OSS teams find themselves building project and community management tools from scratch

No, we have github. edit: And you seem to have wordpress?

the author never planned to be responsible for a critical piece of digital infrastructure.

That’s the big fun of the OSS. In other words I don’t particularity care if you can run my scripts or not.

OSS contributors are often on the receiving end of harassment, demands, and general disrespect

Or the other way around, they disrespect users (human nature, nothing to do with OSS). But yes, DEMANDING behavior is not tolerated.

Inadequate resources

True, I’ll happily take all the resources you can provide via fully anonymous system (but thanks for github, It was pretty cool so far).

Beyond download statistics, maintainers have limited visibility into how their software is used.

I would prefer not to know any kind of statistics and I believe that should be a goal for every developer (or human generally).

p.s. Actually that is another part of fun with OSS, one may not relate or be driven by any kind of measurable ‘success’.

Communities are not always well-equipped to guide that evolution.

So what. Other way of dealing with things is via giant evil-company umbrella? That’s ˇ the picture of it?

If you’re an open source contributor or maintainer, please join the conversation by filling out the contact form below!

It looks like a cute form, but no thanks.

It is commonly accepted that the Universe started in an ordered state with low entropy (S), which allowed its entropy to further increase - as observed - in line with the second principle of thermodynamics.


I can’t wait to talk to you.

See you around, can’t make any promises thought.