Flame, your personal electric sheep wallpaper generator

flamesheep.th.png flame_2170131666.th.png flame_98352037_3440x1440.md.jpg flame_28287154.md.jpg flame_190227-1913_12624.md.jpg

Flame bash script.

There is no debate.

Some gimping
flame_109123899_gimp4.th.png flame_1807221468_animal_gimp2.th.png flame_1656114610_gimp2.th.png flame_2034821992_gimp.th.png


For some sort of final quality, it appears that resolution must be at least 3x the final, for example:

1920x1200 * 3 = 5760x3600
3440*1440 * 3 = 10320x4320
and supersample="3"

And enable mogrify for downscaling.

GUI apps

jwildfire (excellent, java) Rays, Flowers3d and Spherical are the 3 presets worth checking
circular_q1000_gimp4.th.png ray_e_01.th.png ray_d_04.th.png ray_b_02.th.png ray_g_04.th.png ray_f_03.th.png ray_g2_04.th.png ray_II_03.th.png

Fermi paradox explained (Bubbles3d)

planet_b_06.th.png alien_02.th.png

Nice one


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