Drop (yad gui droplet), updated

Drop clips/urls from chrome/youtube to mpv playlist.


What it does

  • Waits for urls or files to be droped (Can be closed after the fact and mpv shall continue)
  • Add those to mpv playlist (using pipes/socat)
  • Starts mpv in that piped mode if not already running
  • writes a log (defaults to ~/.watched.m3u) in a format similar to m3u (so that log can be fed to mpv at a later date)

What it doesn’t do

  • Manage your playlist in any way after the drop has happened

M3u-like Log may look like this:

#EXTINF:3452, How Can AI Help Humanity? | with Nick Jennings | 57:32

#EXTINF:1278, You asked, Brian Cox answered | 21:18

#EXTINF:7112, Mysterious Universe | NOVA Documentary HD | 1:58:32

There is slight concept of ‘session’ going on here, ‘session’ is active until that pipe-controled-mpv instance is opened, on the other hand one can close and reopen the drop as needed (and it’s still the same session).

Cli info interface

watch -t drop -i
# may return
Flat Earther Gets His Numbers Embarrassingly Wrong! (10/12) 1%

Known problems

  • Live streams may not have option lower than 60fps, so the stream may not play with hardcoded values for –ytdl-format. edit: Seems to be fixed with multiple-options mode, denoted by slash (Basically meaning: play 1920x at 30 fps or less, if fails (format not there), then decrease res and try again …)
  • cli drop -l will sometimes not find the correct line with ack. (Won’t fix)

Slight debate