Idea from here.

isInterlaced script

Usage on multiple files

isInterlaced *.mxf                   
tff 712, bff 0, progressive 0, undef 0
☰ interlaced
tff 0, bff 0, progressive 500, undef 0
█ progressive

Single file and more logic could be done

isInterlaced interlaced.mxf && echo yes
tff 569, bff 0, progressive 56, undef 0
☰ interlaced

As is, this is an interesting info tool, but I wouldn’t let it decide anything.

Perhaps idet man, the part about intl_thres might be used for 2nd pass analysis to determine if there is significant difference between fields, to decide for yadif 0 (1 frame = 1 frame) or yadif 1 (1 field = 1 frame, output has double frame-rate).

Note: There is a hardcoded limit of only 1000 frames to scan (change if needed).