Criticism of Windows 10

Microsoft BASIC

Under the default “Express” settings, Windows 10 is configured to send various information to Microsoft and other parties, including the collection of user contacts, calendar data, computer’s appearance including color of the chassis and “associated input data” to personalize “speech, typing, and inking input”, typing and inking data to improve recognition, allow apps to use a unique “advertising ID” for analytics and advertising personalization and allow apps to request the user’s location data and send this data to Microsoft and “trusted partners” to improve location detection

The data collection functionality is capable of transmitting personal information, browsing history, the contents of emails, chat, video calls, voice mail, photos, documents, personal files[53] and keystrokes to Microsoft, for analysis, in accordance with the End User License Agreement.

Living on the edge

Mantra (work in progress)

Color of the chassis …?
No negotiations
No talking
No fines
Nothing will work in this case.
Microsoft is repeat offender.
Ban this thing in EU.