A reminder/alarm script using ‘at’ as back.

Set reminder or alarm:

    beepmein now + 3 minutes # reminder ('at' time format)
    beepmein 22:10           # reminder ('at' time format)
    beepmein 3               # reminder (in 3 minutes, beepmein shortcut)
    beepmein 8:00 --alarm    # alarm (must be last parameter)
    beepmein --nr 5          # with no reason (must be first parameter)
Set sounds: (playback depends on mpv)

    beepmein --set-alarm <path/to/alarm.sound>
    beepmein --set-remind <path/to/reminder.sound>

Test playback, blinking and notifications:

    beepmein --reaction reminder_text
    beepmein --reaction --alarm alarm_text
    beepmein --test # test everything

Kill all running playback/beeping:

    killall beepmein 


    at -l       # will list pending jobs (or atq)
    at -r <num> # will remove job <num>  (or atrm)

Note: ‘at’ doesn’t use seconds, max precision seems to be minutes.

Some debate.

With Debian buster ‘at’ jobs may be found in /var/spool/cron/atjobs.

gmrun could be also used instead of yad for inputing ‘reason’

in ~/.gmrunrc

# beepmein reason
URL_reason = echo "%s"

in beepmein, under input

read -rp "reason? " reason || reason="$(gmrun reason:)"


Pipe-menu of some sort intended for jgmenu, using cvs format.

Date calculus

For example to get ‘now + 5 minutes’

date +%R
date -u -d "+5 minutes" +%R 

Date non-documented features (misko)

date +%s%3N
date +%s%6N
date +%s%9N

for example to get Seconds.Miliseconds

date +%_S.%3N
repeat 120 date +%_S.%3N # zsh
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