Example blackmagic sidecar file, timecode is the first frame of the video timecode (settings can be changed based on tc btw)

    "highlight_recovery": 0,
    "viewing_gamma": "Blackmagic Design Extended Video",
    "viewing_gamut": "Blackmagic Design",

    "exposure": {
    "01:16:59:19": -1.500000
    "iso": {
    "01:16:59:19": 200
    "white_balance_kelvin": {
    "01:16:59:19": 5600
    "white_balance_tint": {
    "01:16:59:19": 10

Premiere can actually read and respect those files (If you have ‘blackmagic raw’ installed), so this may be a workaround for extremly unpredictable master plugin…

Some really short sidecar info here (Raw sdk)


mediainfo "--inform=Other;%TimeCode_FirstFrame%" *C001.braw

might be a scripting way to get timecode of first frame for each clip.