Why Blender Isn't 3D Industry Standard

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0gjmE3hJ2M < Nov 4, 2019

Notes, quoting:


There is pipeline

  • Zbrush (sculpting), anything organic, environment
  • Maya (retopology, uv)
  • Mari or Substance painter or Substance designer (texturing)
  • Maya (rigging, animation), such a legacy
  • Houdini (Effects and simulation)
  • Katana (Rendering in Arnold or RenderMan)
  • Nuke (compositing is done exclusively in nuke)


Pool of pro people working on specific tasks. Maya pool for example is way bigger.

Pipeline features

Various additional tools that power the pipeline.


Is very fast to block a movie. On the other hand there is a feeling that for a lot of basic stuff one needs plugins. For Blender there is a lot of wrong tutorials, like using booleans… Hobbyists are hobbyists. Blender community is the most helpful, but a lot of help is workarounds. Autodesk is huge. Multires doesn’t really work in Blender (Hopeful fixed today?). Blender is fun to use (really?), Maya is boring and grey. Use a tool that does a job (Zbrush is better at sculpting than Blender). If Blender would improve on retopology and uv tools it would be good for general asset creation. Speed of working matters for production houses, due to cost of employees (Much higher number than software itself). Blender adoption is growing naturally. Blender does everything, but every task it do is mediocre, but sometimes that is good enough.

It’s weird how many people in the industry are using this completely non-industry standard software.