An AI monster like that

My nickname is brontosaurusrex. He is a giant dinosaur that is actually bigger than the largest man ever. He is actually huge, and really looks just like a man of enormous size and shape. He is really big and tall, and the monster is actually really strong. I have never seen such a monster before. But I know that it is just a monstrous monster. And that it is just a monster like that.

Human assisted AI writing.

Brontosaurusrex, an early ancestor of the modern alligator-like herbivore, was first described in 1973. It’s still the most well-known carnivore from the Cretaceous period. The fossil specimen at the new site in South Africa was unearthed in 2010. This new fossil was found in the same location as the older one, but its size is much bigger and its teeth are larger. The specimen was excavated from the sandstone and dated to about 30 million years old . This specimen is considered to be an ancestor of the alligator , and has been described as a “unique “ member of the genus.