Windows Terminal Preview

  1. Get one at github.
  2. Uninstall the one from store, so that this new one becomes wt.exe
  3. Example config json.
  4. Fantasque Sans Mono font.

Can’t find an option to disable cursor blink. Can’t find an option to increase line height.

Alt + Shift + d        splits window.
Ctrl + Alt + d         closes pane or window.



More themes here.


  	"name": "Zenburn",
  	"black": "#4d4d4d",
  	"red": "#705050",
  	"green": "#60b48a",
  	"yellow": "#f0dfaf",
  	"blue": "#506070",
  	"purple": "#dc8cc3",
  	"cyan": "#8cd0d3",
  	"white": "#dcdccc",
  	"brightBlack": "#709080",
  	"brightRed": "#dca3a3",
  	"brightGreen": "#c3bf9f",
  	"brightYellow": "#e0cf9f",
  	"brightBlue": "#94bff3",
  	"brightPurple": "#ec93d3",
  	"brightCyan": "#93e0e3",
  	"brightWhite": "#ffffff",
  	"background": "#3f3f3f",
  	"foreground": "#dcdccc"

There is now very usefull command palette, with some keybindings things get really interesting

{ "command": "toggleFocusMode", "keys": "shift+f11" },
{ "command": "toggleRetroEffect", "keys": "ctrl+d" },
{ "command": "commandPalette", "keys": "ctrl+space" }


Total Commander button bar icon

Command: wt
Parameters: -d %P

Where -d is part of terminal command and %P is total commander thing.

edit: Actually this won’t work with fodlers that have ‘s p a c e s’ in names, workaround that seems to work is to use small p:

Parameters: -d %p