Beep on folder change, windows

Combining total commander, when_changed and mpv.

cd totalcmd # starting dir

In directory next to totalcmd ../util/whenChanged are


where play.bat is

..\mpv\mpv --no-video turkey.wav

and total commander button is

Command: cmd /K when_changed
Parameters: "%P\**" play.bat
Start path: %COMMANDER_PATH%\..\util\whenChanged\
Icon file: %COMMANDER_PATH%\..\ico\actions\view-media-chart.ico
Tooltip: beep on change

When button is pressed directory monitoring (recursive) is in effect (cmd window will open) and on any changes mpv will play chime.flac.


Update, instead of play.bat there could be playRnd.bat which would play random file from folder

@echo off 
setlocal enableDelayedExpansion

REM optional popup - msg.exe is copied to the same fodler
msg.exe /TIME:5 %username% "Stuff changed."

REM main
cd /d "audio"

REM Count total files and store into array
set /a "i=0"
for %%f in (*.*) do (
    set /a "i+=1"
    set "list[!i!]=%%f"
REM Get random number between 1 and %i%
set /a rnd=%random% %%%i% +1

REM Get MP3 at index of %i% and run it 
..\..\mpv\mpv --af=loudnorm "!list[%rnd%]!"

timeout 5