Ripgrep is faster than ack

In Debian repos, command name is rg.

There is also ugrep, which can also searh pdfs, documents, e-books and image metadata. Command name is ug. Also in repos.


Tools and version (all taken from Debian 12 repos)

ug 3.11.2
rg 13.0.0
ack 3.6.0

Searching for word ‘parallel’ in my ‘blog’ fodler

rg parallel         - took 2s
rg -uuu parallel    - took 32s
ug parallel         - took 18s
ack parallel        - took 19s
ug --save-config --ignore-files --no-tree
ug parallel         - took 4s

Where rg -uuu should disable all filters, like ignoring git stuff.
Where ug --save-config --ignore-files --no-tree should do the opposite.


ug -Z palallel      - took 3s