1. possible workflow with script

a. Open youtube url in clipboard with mpv (ctrl+c in browser and alt+a).
b. search for additional clips in browser
c. click mpv window and shift drag that new stuff into mpv (it will add itself to mpv playlist). With stretchbang config f3 will display playlist temporarily, unfortunately still without the actual clip name.

the mpvtube script

2. better workflow without a script

a. Run mpv like

mpv --force-window --idle --autofit-larger=50% --geometry 49%+0+0

b. drag & drop from browser.

3. Use gnome-mpv

Has a playlist tab, but otherwise dumber than using mpv alone and gui is all over the screen, taking valuable screen space. Also doesn’t show title of youtube stream.

4. make a ‘zenity / yad’ gui of some sort

That would allow drag&drop and provide title and thumbnail and would store the entire thing (survive restart with continue where left type of behaviour). Will not remember the playlist as it seems.

yad --dnd --no-buttons --undecorated --command=mpv

^ Could be a start.


yad --dnd --text=toX264 --no-buttons --undecorated --geometry=100x100 --text-align=center --command=toX264crf

won’t work, returns: stty: ‘standard input’: Inappropriate ioctl for device

5. The Hannah way


yt() {
        mpv ytdl://ytsearch20:"$*"

or this

yt() {
        mpv --script-opts=ytdl_hook-try_ytdl_first=yes ytdl://ytsearch20:"$*"

in .bashrc