7D continuous shooting



Camera on Av, or Tv, or M, turned on, and the switch on the lens barrel turned to AF (autofocus):

a. Tap the AF-Drive button (next to the ISO button)

b. If you want to take pictures of a moving subject using AI-Servo only (otherwise skit this step and go to step b). Turn the wheel (by the shutter button) as you watch the LCD screen (top of the camera). You will notice that when you turn the wheel the camera will switch from One Shot, to AI-focus, and then AI servo. Leave it on AI-servo.

c. The next step is to turn the burst rate on: tap the AF-Drive button once more, and now turn the back wheel as you watch the same LCD screen. Notice how it changes from one small rectangle to several rectangles on top of each other with the letter H showing. This is the highest burst rate. The next burst rate won’t have the letter H below the rectangles.

For the maximum continuous shooting you will need to have a fast CF card in your 7D. Otherwise don’t use the fastest burst mode.