3d representation

  1. Solid
  2. Poligonal
  3. Voxels
  4. Various curves/nurbs
  5. What else? Volumetrics are what exactly?

What are the tasks that can be achieved with blender (3d print?)

General quick overview of the Blender & GUI

  1. 3d view
  2. Outliner
  3. Properties
  4. Timeline
  5. Shader editor and node editors in general

More GUI

  1. Spliting/merging panes, full screen, full sreen pane, ect
  2. T, N subpanes
  3. Hotkeys, hotkey options, manual patching …
  4. Preferences and what is there (addons…)

3d view navigation

  1. Basic mice stuff explained
  2. Numeric keypad views
  3. Camera view (N tab explained)
  4. Various shader views: solid, wire, devlook, renderer (cycles, eevee)

Model something, poly modeling

For example extrude and bevel an invaders character.
Not clear what a 3d version of invader really is?


2.8 Keyboard shortcuts

Tab & 1 2 3     toggle edit mode and select vertex, edge or face mode
ctrl + Tab      pie menu
shift + space   play (depends)
space           search (depends)
ctrl + space    fullscreen window
z               solid, wireframe ...
q               quick favorites

Render something with cycles

Model a quick scene, define materials, lights, render image.


Keyframes, procedural, on a path.