7 Habits of Highly Effective Programmers


  1. Exercise
  2. Good Sleep
  3. Drink a lot of fluid to save your eyes
  4. Have exposure to sunlight during your non-productive hours such mealtime
  5. Keep back straight while sitting on chair
  6. Fix a goal and then reverse engineer the timelines and technical effort
  7. Have result-oriented goals (products which u can really ship)
  8. Keep it simple. (Write a simple code which is easy to read and debug which helps in shipping product faster)
  9. Don’t get disturbed during your highest concentration period of day by setting expectations with people around us
  10. Always keep learning. Keep your skills sharp.
  11. Get out of comfort zone
  12. Collaborate with other programmers to save time and effort
  13. Programming is a solo activity. Try spending a lot of time alone

Programming is one of those fields that is dominated by extremely arrogant people