Zebra - display images in urxvt

The Zebra script.

Needs: ‘w3m-img’ (w3mimgdisplay) and supported terminal like xterm or urxvt. And probably more.

zebra.png-jusqyA0HtN2GYXj-md zebraIsFast.png-VU3a8uK1hGJ7PrB-md


  • maybe: add rename image (should also rename array member?).
  • done: add touch to update file date.
  • done: add specific key (r) to reset view.
  • done: cycle wallpaper setter modes (–set-centered –set-scaled –set-tiled –set-zoom –set-zoom-fill).
  • maybe: thumbnail view (also –thumbnail to start in thumb view)
  • done: simple slideshow
  • done: toggle 1:1 view
  • done: –quit some.png (show first and quit)
  • no, use zsh globing*(om): sort files (array) by date
  • done: goto is internal command only.
  • done: open in gimp.
  • maybe: pngcrush, pngquant
  • maybe: add thunar-compatible emblem

Known bugs:

  • zebraview sometimes doesn’t show alpha as transparent (uses white instead), limited to urxvt (always ok in xterm).
  • image disappears when urxvt is not in focus (again ok in xterm).


Zebra is based around the code found here.

Überzug, complicated alternative

https://github.com/seebye/ueberzug, fzfimg.sh is especially interesting.