Audiophile anti-troll campaign (AAC)

But true audio dimension is so deep, and there’s so much data there if you want to capture it all — in the echo and the softness and the loudness and the difference as things are decaying and getting smaller and smaller as they go away.

BS, duckduck ‘Nyquist frequency’ for starters.

At ground level, which is to say not the level where technologists live but the level where artists write and record songs for people who care about the human experience of listening to music, the internet was as if a meteor had wiped out the existing planet of sound. The compressed, hollow sound of free streaming music was a big step down from the CD.

Substituting smoothed-out algorithms for the contingent complexity of biological existence is bad for us

BS, duckduckduck at ABX and ABC/HR, that’s for you to know.

disclaimer: The highly artistic Brex is not open for debate on this topic, I just know the answers. Also I’am not linking to the quoted article, not deep enough and probably clickbait.