Weechat smart hide joins & quits
One of those
Blender use object as mask for texturing?
Get active theme name in openbox
Eevee test anim
Eevee transparency
Lock files in bash scripts
Godot 3.1
CC0 textures
ProcGenMod Add-On
Pi testtemp
Awesome guide
Ubuntu 19.04
Technology Needs To Be Regulated
Pi case prototype
Command & Conquer
Mysterious World of Maths
Powder Toy
Auto Eye
Waiting for Black Hole
Mesh Gradient - Inkscape hidden
Maybe useful uv unwraped cubic sphere
FAB txt subtitles
Keyboard Warrior, update
Background Extra
The Pragmatic Programmer Quick Reference Guide
Drop (yad gui droplet), updated
Emerge i3wm
As We May Think
ffmpeg scene detection
Openbox menu item height
Cube volume
Optimizing Linux for Slow Computers
Flame, your personal electric sheep wallpaper generator
Matching DOF
Programming Books You Wish You Read Earlier
tint2 weather executor
Image cache & resize proxy & sed
Visions of the Future
50 years of Unix
3x3 typeface
Extract bz2 faster
Deep learning based denoising filters
Quixel mixer
3D LUT Creator
Photoshop background eraser (game changer)
No tearing, No compton
Impressive lowpoly stuff (Mark Kirkpatrick)
Quantum entanglement from the holographic principle
Path to mask (ae)
spaces 2 underscores
Autodesk sketchbook (free, no linux version)
Terminal replacement for WSL on Windows 10?
Minecraft world to Blender
Animation nodes tutorials
Glitch displace (after fx)
Basic Zsh install and setup
gtk / openbox theme collections
Let's OSS
Dave's Visual Guide to dwm
Substance designer
xmountains and triangulation
When tilers are good idea
How to position windows in a video editor
Olive video editor
Hyperion (Saturn's moon)
Joe Rogan Experience #1003 - Sean Carroll
Leaks svg ...
Great camera
Disable weird vlc gui scaling on 2nd monitor
urxvt with random bg color
datediff (Debian)
2018 Report
nnn (cli file manager)
'Blue' dune (Mars)
bcon18 playlist
Desktop as pipe menu?
Alias 'rock'
PhysX SDK 4.0, an Open-Source Physics Engine
Davinci Resolve 15.2
GNU Octave
A Software Engineering survival guide
Firewall, Windows 10
Somewhere on Adriatic
Focus and Deep Work
RTX 2080 Ti LuxMark
free DAW (untested)
Code of Conduct (kernel)
Firefox Quantum
Sublime text 3.x.x
Chuck Norris truths as told by Texas Longhorn
Compton opacity-rule
playrnd with seen prevention
Cave symbols
Scan APK Files
VNC over tunnel
ffmpeg png sequence to mov
grid Adapta
Fluxbox 1.3.7
Adapta in many colors
imagemagick, Large 3x3
Windows 7 / Adobe / fat hidden places
Geany auto-close brackets
maim + xclip
The Python Arcade Library
Snapd on Debian
Nerd fonts
Export all objects from blend to obj (cli)
Blender 2.8
Openbox, open root-menu at startup
Roll Dice Physics
Reduce dynamics of an image (imagemagick)
LUA, random notes
Mars color coded
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Image cache & resize proxy
Start something in tmux at boot
Gilead greetings
Oh My Fish
Awesome Linux Software
exa a modern replacement for ls written in rust
Design axioms
google dark .Xresources
Mini itx case
MESHmachine (addon)
Top 14 Ways to Mix Textures and Shaders (in Blender)
Rosetta and Comet
mpv list decoders
dfascii, also for conky
scp, ssh
urxvt slight scrollbar
urxvt blured bg
Satya Nadella Quotes
Fantasque Sans Mono
CentOS 7 / Resolve 15
xmlescape bash
Speed up Jekyll builds
Hugo themes
What happened to Clippy?
openbox rc.xml application size
Papirus-Adapta-Nokto icons
Hard surface modeling
bpgenc bpgdec bpgview
As seen on internet
Retro tiles with alpha
Automounting of large external drives
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
Scuba dive - fan art
ccminer x17 VERGE coin
ZX Spectrum & C64 emulators
Crossword puzzle maker
Live cams
flathub flatpak
Median blending
dji osmo
Gimp 2.10 released
Openbox mice windows
i5.conkyrc bak
Plan 9 remix
We Built This City
Resolve 15
Fake glow post node
Linux Scoop
The Foundations of Data Science
Perceptual adaptive JPEG encoder
Blush time
/dev/urandom wallpaper
Lamborghini Terzo Millennio
Noto or liberation
stripes png
urxvt color scheme from image
Amiga boot (png)
Ban facebook host
Debian 9 fail2ban
Nvidia hw HEVC support
Bunsen gtk colors
mp4 Atoms
Gmail move toolbar to the right
Tmux shortcuts
The Sixth Estate Tmux Only
Voice of Batman
Let there be color
toshiba heat
beep on folder change
Jupiter Blues
newPost bash frontmatter
git cli credentials
yad examples
foobar2000 and wine in stretchbang
2500 rockets to make Blender 2.8
Robot, mine, good
alsa equalizer & loudnorm?
Grainy vignette for blender video editor (VST)
planet simulation
Morph particles in any shape
sheepit reset frames
Gleb, Lighting and Rendering Tips in 30 min
slightly hacked lanyon
Building a Lightroom PC
youtube enhancer ff
Paint Splash in Blender
man gui
Alan Guth: Inflationary Cosmology
bulwark masternode
so doge
Dear Apple
rowo font
videocopilot fx console
14 Ways to Mix Textures and Shaders
cli csv, column
cuda thing
luv icon theme
It's complicated (self test)
Easy low poly character using skin modifier
Unity3d (Adam)
20x20cm grid
Makehuman and Blender
Liberation day
Who owns the internet?
Plexus with animation nodes
Blender smoke turtorial
Blender initial particle speed
unknowns (alpha)
CSS secrets
dim display
Music cue sheet example
Vaya Con Dios (best of)
Blender, random particle color
Blender turtle, 7 part tutorial
Color of two shots in Premiere
zsh and oh my zsh
Maggie's Plan (2015)
SharpBang live
Dune 2 in browser
webgrab epg (mono)
mpv tv
mpv vdpaupp
Secure browsing and torrenting (VPN)
encrypt/decryp and cloud storage
ffmpeg deinterlacing
Conky, nice font
mpv shuffle
New logo, vector silhuete
css modern way ...
unidirectional encoding bash model for two dirs
Blender #bcon17
Cineform goes opensource
blender remote rendering with gpu(s)
Blender openbox
Blender, proc wood
Ubuntu 17.10, now with gnome shell
dropbox cron
double standards
Zcash (ZEC) wallet ?
raw deal
build rawtherapee (stretch)
gimp 2.9.x nth time
Running mpv as biatch
when mining stops
A-Frame - Make WebVR
Canon EOS C200 vs C300
ae move anchor point
radioClicky for tint2 and cli
mpv no config
editor wars
adapta, fake busy
jekyll reverse numbering with pagination
thunar intercept
viewfinder svg
plank notes
Blender 2.79 is out
copy/paste window size
go lang books
duc, disk size to image
Opus 1.2 is out
curl gmail
python3 as interactive calc
Mike Leigh
link to Blender
Thunar, copy names to clipboard
Jekyll and TOC
exit if no file, bash
ascii squares
tint2 show updates
pandoc toc
light theme for firefox
super resolution neural net
solus 3 / budgie
firefox copy code extension
mpv, youtube playlist with loudnorm filter
after effects, layer track matte
Just say NO to backups
The Slow Mo Guys
ufw firewall
Nvidia and small fonts
Another world
gsimplecal localized
gimp 2.9.x on Debian Stretch
oh nos
Yes You Can Public License (YYC)
Golden ratio and such, svg/pdf overlays
QT theming
bunsen svg gradients
draw audio waveform
tilix (in stretch backports)
stretchbang linux
beautiful page
openbox, move to next monitor
As seen outside, wallpaper
date, bronto-military time
Debian, gksu not working
SSH Key-Based Authentication
nvidia, overclocking, nvidia-smi, nvidia-settings
Blender Cycles GPU rendering on Debian 9, with Nvidia
orange pi (which one?)
Tile Tabs
Color math
Lawrence Krauss - Is String Theory Just Bogus?
conky cutting text
xed, xreader and sudo ldconfig
Get average color of an image
stretch 2
Blender, render result is completely blank
cp or mv multiple src files to some dir
Blender 2.79 test builds (denoiser!)
Debian, list backports
systemd, what to blame
What is the the ASC-CDL node?
Principled BSDF
mpv, ffmpeg audio normalizers
How to make a website that won't get blocked by users
AE 3d camera tracker to drive 2d layer
min browser
Openbox pipe menu example
Apple Cinema Display Control Utility for Linux
markdown test
font Ostrich Sans
bash rounding, n-th time
yeah i totally have a pc…it lives in canada
MPV and LUTs experiment
Bash, shuffle parameters
A bit of Securita by my side
Film Look Easily without using LUTs or Plugins
Getting rid of nvidia (Debian Stretch)
Native shadow catcher
Presentations in a browser
ALSA master volume display in tint2 executor
Resolve 14.0b3
support (xkcd)
Ranger image preview
1984 poster
What We Know About The Universe
top 100
Gosford park soundtrack
Debian Stretch on 2009 MacPro
Nvidia GTX GeForce 1070
find and tar xz
Amazon AWS glacier
Supersecret mining experiment
The one
How to find all files containing specific text on Linux?
tree index for my intranet site
bw to png with transparency
Reinvent the wheel
Video editing gui
MapSCII - The Whole World In Your Console.
gmail search & destroy
Kim cat
CSS methodology
Mount ssh as drive from windows (7)
Observable universe logarithmic illustration
BMZ cursor
Sony a7s deLUTs, s-log2 (and LUTs in general)
pure-ftpd chroot on Debian Stretch
SCISHION V88 TV Box Player
ae silly error
Start new terminal and run command and
Google Calendar Command Line Interface
On a road to personal best,
Inner circle, Sweat
Sprytile, Blender
cli twitter client
No markdown for you!
weather in terminal
crunchbang wallpaper, svg
After effects force english lang, osx
svg to pdf, linux
count up clock, after effects, javascript
jekyll collections and navigation
supposedly faster add blocker (firefox)
Henri Rousseau && Robert Delaunay
qt5 configuration tool - qt5ct
Old Sennheisers (>20 years)
Making short films - audio podcast with Pablo Vazquez
Ethereum is a decentralized platform
xls > csv > srt subtitles conversion
BBC FLAC and MPEG-DASH streaming (experiment)
yubuntu to drop yunity
lighttpd serve .txt as utf-8
Tips for creating 3d Characters (Blender, Zbrush)
local kanban
What's Up? 4 Non Blondes
docker read/write host
bitcoin mining
Budgie desktop, Stretch, buttons on left
hp laserjet 1018 on Debian
The Secret Ingredient to Photorealism
Layer (Blender 2.8)
Handling docx
urxvt fullscreen (or anything else), openbox
gtk3 buttons on left
Disable Gtk+ 3 client side decorations
markdown toc
various moons, Mars, NASA
Arc theme and stretch
Google Releases Open Source 'Guetzli' JPEG Encoder
xyz things every programmer should know
High Definition Earth-Viewing System (HDEV)
Phobos + Mars (ESA, NASA)
der mobinger (happy troll+)
Pluto - New horizons
Bunsen-Greybird theme (Stretch)
drag and drop
Being round html, percentage
Install jekyll as --user
Android studio
blender freestyle svg test
matplotlib (python) and curves and edl's
Python math from bash (bc replacement)
Download all images linked from this site
Linux, change mp3 gain without reencoding
Instant meshes (retopology tool?)
bunsen blend
photos under free license (Creative Commons Zero)
textual launchers in tint2
Blog of a digital artist using 100% open-source
Mint 18.2 kde, experiment
What's New in Houdini 16 Amarok
Debian, compile ffmpeg with libxcb (x11grab) for screen-capturing
Blender, camera to object constraint
Plexus and Blender
Strings & particles
Premiere Pro hint
mpv simple slideshow
Blender 2.78b
Modeling hair (curves, splines, bezier)
Debian Stretch OpenGL version?
Animation nodes
Dynamic Sky Addon
Mount a VirtualBox drive image (vdi)?
Cheap & fast SxS card reader?
Blender multiple windows UI
Mental projection of my digital self
Why tilers are bad idea
Simplified man pages
html & sorting
ffmpeg minterpolated slomo
Blender Video editing
Lawrence Krauss
Major Linux Problems on the Desktop, 2017 edition
Dirty vertex colors & planetarium experiment
Disable touchpad while typing automatically
Citroen 2
timelapse of the girl
vim 8
ffmpeg extract multiple audio tracks
Blender, stamping with normal brush to normal map
The shark experiment
The size of Blender
UV seams and unwrap start pack
paper plane
specific urxvt transparent
Default Cube (on a bad hair day)
Here we are
Arecibo message
Metaball particles
On being liquid (Blender fluid simulation)
Disney BSDF/BSSRDF in Blender?
WEIRD SH!T EP001 - Modifier Magic [BLENDER]
Blender 2.7: Ship floating on the ocean (tutorial)
wordcloud wall (alpha)
Unix as IDE
2016 useless blog stats
Neil deGrasse Tyson The Inexplicable Universe Unsolved Mysteries
Tech support scam, certified rant
50p to 50i the cheap way in Adobe Premiere
a really long compton.conf
Libreoffice 5.3xx dev ribbon
lenovo laptop, boot from usb
flatpak (and gimp)
Gradient in compositing nodes, Blender
His Flying Noodliness, Blender
Wind turbine
Masterminds Of Programming
pi NAS
cool unix terminal/console/curses tools
HTML5 Web Audio: visualizing sound
Download all
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Artists – BCON 2016
darktable RAW image processing
Debian, Openbox, Postbang, fake busy
Python GUI Frameworks
windose change password
bc in urxvt and Linux calculators
video copilot fx console (after effects)
argumentum ad ignorantiam
bash oldest
FLIF: Free Lossless Image Format
libreoffice calc, export as formated ascii
disk usage the conky-cli way
better site
neofetch sysinfo
The Cloud
Linux, how old is the system
Horizontal calendar (for conky)
colaborative html/css writing
Newest lighttpd in Debian Jessie
find avi or mkv or mp4 and give me some mediainfo
Swatch time bash script
yad gui file selector (put in .bashrc)
After effects, replace layer source
Debian nine
Markdown editors for linux
Tina 3D by Nazar Toschenko
slither "pro"
Slavoj Žižek: Power, Betrayal and Brexit
That perfect menu
Route 63 (Sailing 2016)
Kiko plus jekyll theme
lighttpd enable logging
Blender 2.78
5 minute dino
Wall paper
Pixar RenderMan on OSX (for blender)
Gnome 3.22
Not old, retro
Blender compositing nodes
New FreeType font rendering for Debian jessie
Another Substance > Blender PBR shader
Subtitle Editor
Sheep #3
Multimedia story telling for the web
Post-processing for Dummies
Introduction to Microdisplacements (Blender)
Grid of photos
Miss Seagull (Julien Kaspar)
Blender Shortcuts
vp9 plugin for premiere pro
Blender 3d: Making A Sci-Fi UI / HUD
HDRI lightning and shadows and nodes
Blender shader test scene
The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository
Blender, PBR addon test
Old house - modeling, Blender
papirus gtk icon theme (the correct one)
Io over Jupiter
Blender PBR materials / addons
Debian Package Tracker
Netflix and x265
Magic background color
blerp - fictional cli
newsbeuter (simple cli rss reader)
ffmpeg 10bit 444 x264
Powershell on Linux/OSX
La Capitaine icon theme
KDE Plasma 5.6.* / Mint 18 + docky
Linux 2 Linux, playing remote video files
Unix history
For no special reason
text titles & linux
Neuton serif + open sans
mpv and deinterlacing videos wrongly flaged as progressive
San Francisco font
youtube 4k playlist
mpv and playing two remote files?
tewi bitmap font
Arch LTS kernel
Simple Sabotage Field Manual
Mandelbulber2 on Debian jessie
Elementary os on design
Adblocking using /etc/hosts
Top 1% sheepherder
libreoffice with my checkspeller (Debian)
Virtualbox, move vms to another disk
lemonbar on Debian stable
Mučki provokator
How to Model and Animate a Flying Envelope
Debian, backported kernels
Six Habits of Highly Attractive People
How nice
Apollo 11 source code
A GUI file picker for bash in six lines of code
power-top and laptop-mode-tools (Debian)
Vim yank to clipboard (Linux)
urxvt -lsp 3
what if
gif screen recorder
Pacific (Blender/Cycles)
Šola jadranja
dig - DNS lookup utility
openbox autostart revisited
multiplayer browser snake game (slither)
Tom Preston-Werner - Framework For Happiness
avisynth and cineform ...
Black Panther low poly
systemd user units
Run something only if something else is running, bash
eko cooler
win 7/8 in virtualbox
adapta-nokto and some zathura tweaks
papirus icons on arch (aur)
flat androidish themes
x264 and lagarith and ffmpeg and being lossless
systemd gui
Antu-universal (mono) - icon theme
youtube & comments
Adapta and Papirus
scripting best practices
Krita 3.0 quick tech test
DriveImage XML
jun 2016 scrot
Learn the ways of Linux-fu
Sokal affair
urxvt with an icon in arch
subsolar conky
While Božo True (pseudocode)
Why > STFU (or answer to everything)
freespace on server to show in conky
vim screenwriting pago plugin
no velociraptors (svg)
Ikonik tint
film transfer tutorial
Blackmagic ugly after effects video preview
svg grid generator
nice portal render
zbrush docs
postbang 2016
Chess size
music library
Android where are my audio recordings
Post your Prompt
bash on windows
vp9 encoding
disable win 10 updates and that icon
twit tv, FLOSS weekly
motion viz (kung fu)
postXP in 3440x1440
Just have to
weechat toggle nicklist
compare lossless audio (video?) files with ffmpeg
new 3440x1440 monitor
April arch
Hercules A
That magic crontab for backup
Arch in VM current workaround
bash me
pro bash development
flite voice synth (in Debian repos)
Morje pri Frami
Arch cheaters
work mac
Vilar blog
Arch and new firefox and arc theme
Mother of all demos
ssh server and arch VM
The streaming torrent client
io benchmark
Raspberry cases
netatalk, mount on OSX
locale date (Ubuntu server 14.04 trusty)
tmux cheat sheet
brave ... browser
win 10 laptop
Beautify your WeeChat
new / old server
Nvidia drivers on Debian jessie
gnome 3.20
a8n asus sli motherboard
Amiga scrot
Render sheep with 71 days uptime
Middle click the desktop to create a new note (openbox)
Dynamic sky 2, Blender addon
More developers now use OS X than Linux
Will Ferrell answers internet questions
limechat, irc client for OSX
dd iso to usb, OSX
Rescue disk
Clouds tutorial, Blender
keyboard on android tablet
pixyll & kiko & stuff
budget laptop
Arch and guest additions
crontab examples
OSX sed search and replace
Soundtracks, best of
Standard Arch vm
html5 custom player
Solus 1.1 released
Jekyll linking to post
Debian, mount usb from cli
google calendar integration
urxvt perls
php 7 story
Sony PXW-FS7 review
default terminal?
Blender 2.77 test
wordpress security
Blender cycles texture baking
linux mint WordPress server hacked
simple skin shader wip
Creating an Old Creepy House in Blender
Blender floor generator
Blender, shadow pass
Blender metallic text
Are they nuts
Blender hand painted materials
Blender texture paint quicky
Engrish moogs
brand urxvt
Blender pointiness shader mixer
“Rigify Addon” for Blender
luxrender test
kitsch wip
luxrender luxconsole -s
iconv and osx
Cats are purrfect
learn linux the hard way
project management
arch infinality
random linux browsers
Vida theme
ffmpeg fixing wrogly rotated videos
vim cheatball
The art of open source
crazy good
Blender rotate and cc world hdri node
Earth from space, authentic photos?
github markdown
gopro cineform decoder
Blender, fast volumetric material
blender tree
lightning project
retrofukation icons
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Brad Pitt
x-files 2016
contact form
opening files with vim
vim and jekyll workflow
old irix error
jekyll templates
tint2 0.12.4 released
say osx
androidic conky clock
arch wallpapers
libre graphics world
ban .DS_store from git
javascript calculator
Become a Programmer
Debian liveBuild with some helper scripts
possible starting template for V.
youtube videos & mobile width
sloth trailer
Blender branches to watch in 2016
How about just title in front matter?
clipboard to cli
tinypress/jekyll post ordering on the same day is wrong
geany, file browser
hyde (similar to this jekyll theme)
google doodle
git and debian and storing credentials
google search this site' (without google cse)
Nice php uploader script and service
Infinality and Debian Jessie
zsh guide
linux command line copy queue
1st tinypress post
zsh guide
Allowing Users to Edit (and store) Text Content with HTML5
bash “multithreading”
Debian live-build with some helper scipts
Become a Programmer
Running vnc server on debian and osx client
nice online javascript calculator
html5 video and captions, subtitles, webvtt
git on debian, cache credentials
game antialiasing (not motion aware)
patterns / tiles
linux command line (cli) copy queue … not
linux command line queue (especially for cp)
Etherpad-lite (a node.js app) as service on Ubuntu/Debian
xenlism wildfire icons
Linux command line, pdf book
reformatting line length in linux cli
collection of cool unix terminal/console/curses tools
sort blocks of text with bash awk – sporedUgly
paper icons
ffmpeg mxf export each track
LightZone (java)
KSEVT text font
minions storyboard
xz as audio compressor?
stylish firefox addon
Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages
Clean ffmpegless flac2mp3 = todo
self hosted git service
mediainfo Audio (Stream?) duration in ms
tint2 dev
fixing fonts with font forge on debian
blender dynamic sky
21:9 HD square
lightning and 3d from photos app
Blender rygid to keyframes
Meaningful thumbnails for a Video using FFmpeg
nixers moving desktops
blender material libraries
linux ‘at’
supposedly better (less ram usage) ad blocker
why > how > what
ParticleLink Add-on – Free Download (blender)
Pixel graphics in terminal with unicode braille characters
html 2 image js
youtube link to playlist crap
postbang dwm, taming urxvt
postbang planetarium, openbox
Vim Bronto cheatsheet
Master the Vim language
sass playing around
iconic icons signs
update flash on jessie
git gui for winblows / mac
solus linux, clicking around
youtube-dl –prefer-ffmpeg
How to Build a Responsive Website From Start to Finish
nginx and gitweb on debian jessie
Anna rig
urxvt and cal
jekyll themes
Search your jekyll
example osx cron that behaves well and does some logging
read/print man page as pdf
mpv play with external audio file
osx make dock transparent
dwm configuration and installation
hot corners in dwm?
Fluid Designer
50 Most Common Interview Questions
forecast weather from cli
tint2 update
Linus quotes
ik particles
sheepit headless
blender nightly builds
open sans font
Contours and Polystrips Retopology – Bundle
low poly girl
conky load image
postbang on real hardware
home page
Online font thingy (nice one)
Humane rigging (blender)
The Middle
gtk3 for non-gnome users
bashrc generator
links from #bash
blender user config stuff on osx
radio stations in eu
virtual engines speedwise
splice m4b audio book by apple chapters, bash script
25 usefull apt commands
Blender import camera animation from another blend
blender disable shadows
Blender Tutorial: 9 Ways to Destroy Things
blender git
wp dev
Easy file sharing from the command line
audio vizualizer in blender (python)
about / github / jekyll /